This project aims to contribute to both the sociological inquiry of risk and uncertainty and risk governance practice.

The main product of this project will be a PhD dissertation by M.B. de Graaff entitled ‘Should I be worried? Citizens’ experience and the risk politics of cell site deployment‘ which will be fully available from June 30th 2016.

At this moment we have published three scientific papers which you can also find under this header.

In the first paper we discuss how the construction of antennas for mobile phones is depoliticized in the Netherlands and California through defining the technology as an inevitable part of modern existence and as a biomedical risk. These issue definitions make it difficult for citizens to engage with the ‘roll-out’ of the technology, but not impossible.

This is shown in the second paper which shows how people who say to become ill from exposure to the electromagnetic fields, suffering from ‘electro-hypersensitivity’, have been rather successful in the Netherlands in claiming to be a victim. This success, however, comes at a cost.

Our third paper also focuses on controversy as it describes our analysis of sixteen cases of local protest against mobile phone cell sites in the Netherlands. We show the pivotal role played by local authorities in the way in which individual concerns evolve into organized protest.

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