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Public defense of PhD dissertation – M.B. (Bert) de Graaff (NL beneden)

Bert de Graaff successfully defended his PhD thesis on June 29th 2016 in Amsterdam. Please find more information about the dissertation itself here.

Openbare verdediging van proefschrift – M.B. (Bert) de Graaff

Bert de Graaff heeft op 29 juni 2016 met succes zijn dissertatie verdedigt. Hier kunt u meer informatie over de dissertatie zelf vinden.

Limits to protest: depoliticization, technological innovation and civic affect.

How does protest come about? When and how do contentious publics emerge, and when do they fail to do so? In the context of Prof. dr. Jan Willem Duyvendak’s faculty professorship ‘Emotions & Institutions’ during this afternoon we organized a discussion on the emergence of protest movements, or rather, why sometimes contentious collective action does not come about. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28/06/2016. For more information see the website.

Local Protest Workshop

We organized a workshop on local protests at the GGD/RIVM Meeting Event, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 01/10/2015.

Amsterdam Risk Conference

We organized the ISA TG04/ESA RN22 Mid-term conference: Risk and Uncertainty: Ontologies and Methods, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 23/01/2013 – 25/01/2013.

At the conference, we invited participants to discuss the Sociology of Risk:

Resistance Politics Course        

We organized a Short Intensive Course on Resistance Politics at the AISSR, University of Amsterdam. A three day course for PhD students mainly aimed at the sociology of social movements, contentious political actions and emotions, with contributions of international scholars, 21/05/2013-23/05/2013.

Risk, Life course and Longitudinal mixed methods

We organized a two day conference at the University of Amsterdam which focused specifically on longitudinal social science research into risk and the life course, 03/07/2012-04/07/2012.

Presentations and conference papers (selection)

Avoiding risks and uncertainties: Citizens’ everyday experience and the politics of cell site deployment’, European Sociological Association Conference 2015, Prague, Czech Republic, 28/08/2015.

‘Should I be worried?’ Citizens’ everyday experience of a health risk and the politics of cell site deployment, ZonMW EMF & Health Symposium, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 26/05/2015.

‘Should I be worried?’ The dynamics of citizens’ experiences of a technological health risk. European Sociological Association RN22 Midterm Conference, Stuttgart, Germany, 09/04/2015.

Guest-lecture: New Technologies, Risks and Regulation, Faculty of Law / IIS, University of Amsterdam, 18/02/2015.

‘Should I be worried?’ Politics, risk communication and citizens’ framing of cell phone technology risks over time, UC Irvine, Center for the Study of Democracy, Irvine CA, USA, 02/05/2014.

‘Should I be worried?’ Citizens’ perceptions of mobile phone technology risks over time’, Society of Risk Analysis Europe 2013 conference, Trondheim, Norway, 16/06/2013-20/06/2013.

‘From technological imperatives to care: variants of de-politicizing mobile phone technology’ and ‘We are the canary in a coal mine: Establishing a disease category and a new health risk’, Second ISA Forum of Sociology, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 01/08/2012-04/08/2012.

‘Editing Interpretation: a case study into the influence of policy on local social movements’, ESS 82nd Annual Meeting, New York City, United States, 23/02/2012-26/02/2012.

‘I am my own laboratory – medically unexplained symptoms and the dual failure of searching for diagnosis’, BSA 60th Anniversary Conference, London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom, 06/04/2011-09/04/2011.

‘Politics and Risk Communication – The effect of policy processes on citizens’ perceptions of risk’, Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty Research Network (ESA), Interdisciplinary Conference ‘Risk, Uncertainty and Policy’ – Mid-Sweden University, Östersund, Sweden, 23/03/2011-25/03/2011.

‘I am my own laboratory – medically unexplained symptoms and the dual failure of searching for diagnosis’, The Experimental Society, Institute for Advanced Studies – Lancaster University, Lancaster – United Kingdom, 07/07/2010-09/07/2010.

‘Ik ben mijn eigen laboratorium’, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) – Centre for Environmental Health, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 28/01/2010.